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 Welcome to Far West Roofing Bountiful

Our roofing company has been serving Bountiful for 

over 20 years. We specialize in residential shingle roofing and 

roof repair. We take satisfaction in not simply dealing with symptoms, 

but helping our clients find the cause of all unwelcome water

intrusion. From simple repairs to total system replacements,

you can feel confident that you are dealing with an expert and

a professional.

As one of the most reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor in Bountiful
 Our Services can help home and business owners with any roofing job,
 big or small.  From replacing one broken tile to restoring an entire roof,
 we do it all.

Our Bountiful Roofing Company is experienced in all aspects of roof care, including:
  • Inspecting, repair or replacing rainwater guttering
  • Re-pointing chimney stacks, parapet walls and other brickwork
  • Complete or partial overhauls of old roofs
  • Roofing properties with original or entirely new materials
  • All aspects of flat-roof care, repair and installation
Far west Roofing & roof repair Bountiful
 With over 20 years of roof replacement and roof repair Bountiful
We have put together a dedicated and experienced team. Far West Roofing Bountiful will locate the problem and provide you with with our professional opinion whether you need a roof repair or an new roof installation.